- Merinomi’s mill supplies both conventional and organic spelt flour to wholesalers, bakeries, pizzerias and restaurants. We also offer milling as a service for hire.
- We specialize in the processing of spelt. We are one of the largest buyers and sellers of spelt in Finland. We also shell spelt as a service for hire.
- We import foodstuff milling machinery into Finland, such as mills, oat hullers, tray sorters, trieur pipes, air leg separators, sieves and sorters.
- We supply seed for conventional and organic cultivation: grains, peas, broad beans, vetches, clovers, and grassland species.
- We also supply mill-ready organic grains, also including gluten-free grains.
- We have our own seed packaging unit and conclude seed cultivation contracts with farmers.
- We also provide sorting services to seed growers as a service for hire.
- We import KoMo brand stone flour mills into Finland for household use.
Sekä kauttamme saa myllyvalmiit Luomu jyvät, myös gluteenittomat.